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We are very sorry you are having an issue at your property. It is our goal to address your issue as quickly as possible. After submitting your request your issue will be assigned to an appropriate vendor. The vendor should contact you within 24 hours. You will receive notification via email after the issue has been assigned and you may contact that vendor by clicking the messaging icon on the top of the issue.

Before you proceed.

Before you proceed, you should be aware that the following is your responsibility.

  • To change air filters, smoke detector batteries and light bulbs, including those located in appliances.
  • To keep all bathroom and sink drains clear of clogs. This includes the garbage disposal. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to reset and clear your garbage disposal.
  • To check all breakers and GFI outlet switches to ensure they are not tripped. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to reset your GFCI outlets and your breakers. It is important that you check all GFI outlets, not just those in the room where you may be having an issue.

Any costs associated with remedying the above items or if a vendor visits the property to address a repair you have reported and the issue does not exist you agree by proceeding to pay for any costs associated with the vendor’s visit.

Check the list of common issues and solutions below before submitting your request:

Outlets are not working:

Rule out equipment failure by trying to power the equipment from another outlet. If you suspect that the outlet is the problem, reset the breaker to see if this resolves the issue. You may need to reset the GFCI.

The whole property is without power:

If your property is the only one without power, it is likely caused by a breaker that has been tripped. Locate the breaker box and reset the breaker to see if the power is restored. Call your electric company if you continue to experience issues, to see if there is an outage in your area.

The likely cause of a lack of hot water is a fault in the settings of the tank thermostat. Check to make sure the settings are correct, and are not set to a vacation mode, or other “off” setting. Reset the thermostat and allow the system to heat up for 15 minutes before testing.

If your toilet is blocked:

Blocked toilets are usually caused by something blocking the system, and will need to be unclogged. Flush the system once, and use a plunger to gradually pump the blockage through the system. Avoid flushing the toilet too much while it is blocked, as this will cause an overflow.

There is no blockage, but the flush mechanism will not work:

To diagnose the issue of a non-flushing toilet, remove the cover on the back of the toilet to view the flushing system and make sure the flapper element is attached and working.

Make sure your thermostat is set correctly, and has not tripped or encountered a fault that has shut off the system. Reset the thermostat. Call your utilities provider and check to see if your service has been suspended.

Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher. Clean float. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build up.
Check thermostat, set correctly. Front and Back grills clean. Clean out drain hole.
  • Look for the valve which is located to the LEFT behind your toilet tank
  • Turn the knob to the RIGHT (clockwise) to close the valve and stop water flow
  • Turn off water from faucet if possible
  • Locate water lines below sink which lead to water valves
  • Turn water valves to the RIGHT (clockwise) to stop the water flow
  • Check the Filter! Change often (at least every three months) 95% of all service calls are due to dirty air filters
  • Check thermostat setting – set Fan to “auto”, set system to “Cool”
  • Check air handler/furnace – you should hear it “rumbling”, if not, check to make sure it is plugged in and switched on
  • Check circuit breaker – make sure it is not ‘tripped’
  • Check to be sure the drain line is not clogged
  • Check the fan unit outside – is the fan spinning and clear of leaves and branches?
  • Slow water flow from your fridge? Try changing the water filter
  • Filter should be changed every 6 months
  • Each fridge will have its own unique filter system – you can find details for each in the manual or by searching online
  • Locate the filter, twist to the left to remove, twist right to install
  • Some may have a push button system
  • Reset the filter button to reflect a new filter has been installed

If none of the above items resolve your issue, follow the steps below.

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